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Azawad activist Abdullah Ag Obakreen reveals the latest developments in the Azawad file and confirms that Algeria has ambitions in the Azawad region in northern Mali.

Abdullah Ag Obakreen, one of the active and effective Azawad leaders who is familiar with the developments of the Tuareg file, stresses in his dialogue that France's policy in the region impedes the interests of the Azawad cause, and reveals exciting details about the developments of the Azawad issue.

1. What are the latest developments in the Azawadiya issue?

The Azawad region is now living on the impact of violent clashes between ISIS fighters and the Azawad movements, in addition to the deterioration of the political process between the Bamko government and the Azawad movements, as the Malian state is intransigent in complying with the decisions and agreements concluded with the representatives of the Azawad cause.

We are living on the impact of a failure in the political process and on the impact of a security turmoil that undermines the stability of the Sahara and Sahel region.

 2. How do you view the Algiers Agreement? Do you think that there are international parties that have an interest in burying the Azawad issue?

When we signed the Algiers Agreement, it was noticeable that the Algerian state was procrastinating in implementing the terms of this agreement signed with us because, quite simply, Algeria does not want the Tuareg nation to live, strengthened, dignified and nationally sovereign. Algeria has expansionist ambitions in the Azawad region, as it wants to annex this region. To her, it remains her eternal dream, which she will not disclose at the present time.
As for France, it had an interest in burying this agreement, but when it was surprised by the intervention of Russia, France announced its neutrality to win the love of the Azawad movements, which in turn thwarted the French plan because everyone here hates French policy in the region.

3. What are your demands as the Tuareg people? Do you consider that France has an interest in digesting the political rights of the people of Azawad?

Our demands are clear and legitimate. We are striving for independence and we are still moving towards it, despite the fact that many African countries and international parties have sought and sought to digest our national rights, as we were pressured to sign the failed Algiers Agreement, as France was on the side of Algeria in this international game.
Here, we cannot but mention that France has a historical enmity with the Tuareg, as the Tuareg fought France in the Menka region led by the Berber Fahron, and the Kidal region led by Ag Al-Bashir
And Tien Petko led by Shabwan, as these battles culminated in the defeat and defeat of colonial France, as the Tuareg thwarted the colonial policy in the region.

4. How do you view the armed crowd embodied by extremist terrorist groups? What is their position in the political and military polarization in the region? ?
Al-Qaeda is backed by foreign countries and represents certain interests and goals that aspire to abort the dream of the Azawads in determining their political destiny. Freedom and getting rid of the El Mouradia Palace policy, which obstructs the path of regional and regional integration in the Sahel and Sahara.

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